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Business Analysis is a growing field that is becoming more and more important. The primary reason for this is that today there is an enormous amount of data. There is so much data that we have trouble understanding it all. So in recent years there has been a growing emphasis on analysis. Business analysis is a set of tools and techniques to evaluate data and improve business systems. This is actually a skill you can develop in your business that can create tremendous value.
I want to expand on this definition so you understand how this fits into the context of accounting. You can break accounting into three areas: Process, Reports, Analysis.
1. Process deals with the basic accounting tasks. For example, when you purchase something there is a process to create a Purchase Order and send payment.
2. Reports take the data from your accounting processes and summarizes the data. Your financial statements is a report of all the accounting processes during that period.
3. Analysis is used to interpret and communicate information from reports. Analysis takes your financial statement, determines what it means, and uses that information for strategic decisions.
There are a couple of useful things to understand here. Each item builds on the previous item. You cannot perform analysis without reports, and you cannot have reports without good processes. Different businesses are going to need to focus on different things. You might need to focus on getting good accounting processes in place. Once you have good processes, you can focus on reports. Once you have reports, you can start building the skillset for analysis.
If you are in accounting, developing a skill in analysis will be very helpful in your career, because it is so valuable for a business. Let me explain what is happening on a practical level. If you are running an organization, you spend a lot of time solving problems. If your employees are operating at the process level, where they are only focused on executing a process, whenever something happens that does not fit the process, it becomes a problem. The employee then sends the problem up to the boss to solve. This eats up a lot of time, because then the boss ends up spending a lot of time solving problems, when they should be spending their time performing higher level activities like setting the direction of the business. The ideal situation is for employees to bring the boss solutions, but that requires analysis. Imagine if all your employees, not only performed the process, but also generated reports and performed analysis on how to improve the business. Instead of bringing the boss problems, they would bring solutions, and all the boss has to do is sign their approval. That is why analysis is incredibly valuable and can supercharge a business and your career.

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    This was truly helpful, thank you

  2. Won't automation reduce needs for financial reporting accountants?

  3. What about financial analysis?

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    Revenue does not equal received cash

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    Thank you, your videos are very useful. I decided to study accounting after I had wached your videos about it.Please, make some lessons about ACCA! Even though I've read about it, I really would like to hear from you about it.

  6. sir, I am serious in getting my self in good MBA collage for masters in finance. what are things that I need to keep in mind before joning B-school? like what should I expect from My mba in finance and what not.

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