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อาชีพ Business Analyst และ Data Scientist(BADS)

อาชีพ Business Analyst และ Data Scientist(BADS) โดย ดร.อานนท์ ศักดิ์วรวิชญ์ (อาจารย์คณะสถิติประยุกต์ นิด้า) ให้สัมภาษณ์เมื่อวันที่ 23 มิถุนายน 2560 Video Rating: / 5

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Talents – Aurélie – Business Analyst

Découvrez comment un stage chez Air Liquide a permis à Aurélie Junes d’intégrer ensuite le pôle Fusion Acquisition. Plus d’infos : Discover how an internship within Air Liquide led Aurélie Junes to join the…

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Business Analyst Career Path

Get more information on career in Business Analyst. Do we need Technical Skills for Business Analyst? Video Rating: / 5 Mô hình hóa nghiệp vụ là gì? Business Analyst là gì? idef0 là gì? Link…

Healthcare Business Analyst

What is Healthcare Business Analysis? and How healthcare is connected to the Business Analyst? Business Analyst should have good knowledge on Medical Terminology or Medical Billing which helps you to understand and communicate with the…

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The Business Analyst in an Agile Environment Agile is increasingly becoming the foundation for today’s business world, and Business Analysts are essential for organizations and projects to achieve maximum success. Following a brief overview, Benjamin will tackle and dispel many of…